Three Advanced Payment Platform Features That Can Make a Difference

Choosing the right online payment processing system is an important step for many a business today. While most companies correctly focus on the fundamentals, there are often extras and special features that are worth weighing, as well. All-in-one platforms like BlueSnap, for example, frequently go beyond the basics in ways that produce impressive dividends for particular users. A look at how some of these advanced features can pay off will make this amply clear.

Potentially Valuable Payment Platform Features That are Sometimes Overlooked

Every such platform needs to be able to accept and process a variety of different types of payment. There are many systems today which do so, but there are also a few others that stand out in interesting ways. Some of the kinds of features that help set platforms like BlueSnap apart from the rest include:

Virtual terminals. Being able to accept and process payments presented online will always be a key feature. At the same time, many businesses also need to be able to do the same with fundamentally different avenues for payment. Platforms that provide virtual terminal functionality can allow a company to accept payments by phone or even email without needing to make separate, special arrangements. A well designed virtual terminal will be just as easy to use as a conventional one and provide the same level and type of functionality.

Subscription support. Most companies that need to accept payments do so for simple, one-off transactions. Quite a few others, however, would do well to support recurring payments, too. In fact, subscription style billing has been one of the fastest growing business models in quite a few different industries in recent years. Whether for companies that offer software as a service on a subscription basis or those that sell simple gift baskets, having support for this style of invoicing and billing can pay off in important ways.

CRM and ERP integration. The average payment platform today will provide for some level of integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. Many businesses, though, also make heavy use of customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Payment solutions that integrate naturally with CRM, ERP, and similar systems as well can be a lot easier than others to work with.

Looking Into the Extras Can be Revealing

It will always be wise to select a payment platform that will suit a business's most basic needs well. At the same time, more specialized and advanced features like these can often add a lot of value, too.